Our Commitment

We are committed to prepare children for life through experiential learning that encourages reflection, inquiry, the development of multiple intelligence, academic rigor, a connection to nature & sensitivity to environment and the capacity to face challenges with creative sensibility.


The students in this school are taught under provision of NCERT Syllabus.


Medium of instruction is absolutely English, but for the teaching Hindi, Sanskrit and Urdu literature these respective languages have also been allowed as the medium of instruction.


Candidates seeking admission must purchase a prospectus attached with registration-cum-admission form and after duly filling it, they must submit it to the office within stipulated day. Thereafter, on a scheduled date admission test will be conducted and based on the performance of the candidate, admission will be allowed.

Admission-cum-registration form must be accompanied by SLC, Date of Birth Certificate ISSUED BY & Department of Statistics of the State Govt. / Municipality / Mukhiya / Hospital / Affidavit and Photograph duly affixed on the prescribed place.

Principal have reserves the absolute right either to allow for admission or not.


Required age for admission sought to the following classes is mentioned below :




We conduct examination in three part Quaterly, Halfyearly, Annualy.


Boys UniformGirls UniformDays
White Shirt, Black Paint, Maroon Blazer or Sweater, Black Shoe, White SocksWhite Shirt, Black Scirt, Red Ribbon, Maroon Blazer or Sweater, Black Shoe, White SocksMon. to Thu.
Yellow T-Shirt, Red PaintYellow T-Shirt, Red Scirt, Red RibbonWed. & Sat.


Guardians are invited if they want to get the long leave or any leave of their granted. If they want to put forward complaint of their ward or to seek any guidance from the school, they are thankfully invited. Parents / Guardians suggestion are also thankfully accepted.


Guardians meet takes place at the beginning of new session, the closing of the previous session and even during the session after every three months so that teachers, guardians and management, all may deliberate over the comprehensive progress of students. If need be, teachers - guardians meet can be convened any time.


● Regular and punctual presence in the school.
● Friendship with classmates, respect for and adherence to teachers and dedication to the school.
● Awareness to one’s cleanliness and co-operation in keeping the school neat and clean.
● Compliance to healthy body and healthy mind.
● Necessary participation in the activities organised by the school.
● Keeping class work, homework, school diary and knowledge up to date.
● Keeping study materials as per routine, lunch box and water bottle into the school bag.
● Showing respect for parents, teachers and elders.
● Showing compassion and love to youngers, animals, birds, forest and environment.
● To cherish extreme dedication to motherland, working place, family, society, humanity and country.
● Strict ban on bringing and using mobile / cellular phones in the school campus.


● House is the first class of students. So, parents are expected to install in students ultra alertness to their daily routine, activeness to their homework, feeling of regularity to their arrival to the school, friendship, patritism and discipline.
● It is expected from the parents / guardians that they will always be serious to the health, good company and the daily activities of their wards and will always keep them alert & watchful to the same.
● Please do observe the school assigned 'directions' and daily routine.
● Kindly create an ideal environment in your house so that an ideal view may be created in them.